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Thread: be at peace?

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    be at peace?

    I had someone ask me recently what is the meaning when someone states "be at peace"? I told them to me it means acceptance or understanding. In the past I've heard people say I'm at peace about a particular matter , etc. When I asked this person in what context was this being used, she told me that she received an "apology" from a friend apologizing for their relationship becoming "messed up" and this person stated to her "please be at peace, I'm trying to". Thoughts?

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    Re: be at peace?

    It's another way of saying be calm and happy.

    be at peace with the world
    to be feeling calm and happy because you are satisfied with your life. Sitting on the terrace, looking out over the olive groves, she felt at peace with the world.

    peace - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

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