It was easier to be successful in the past than it is today. Do you
agree or disagree? Give specific reasons to support your answer.

People are always wondering the reasons why others are so successful while they are not. A number of people blame their failure for the times. They tend to think that factors in the past were more beneficial for their success than those at present. However, from my point of view, it is easier to achieve success at present than in the past. There are 3 main reasons for my opinion.

First of all, as time passed, humankind has witnessed big positive changes in the world education, which supports them a lot in creating more opportunities of success. It was clearly seen that in the past, people were limited their chances of approaching education. Only males were allowed to go to school while females were forced to stay at home and do the housework. Mulan, who had to play-act as a boy in order to go to school, was a unique example of femalesí difficulties in getting involved in studying process. On the contrary, nowadays, everybody is equal and has the same opportunity to go to school and do anything they desire. Moreover, the facilities and teaching methods are now better off than in the past, which makes education much more effective and scientific. Every one knows a good formal education makes a very big difference in oneís life. Therefore, this builds up a great foundation for peopleís future success.

Secondly, the world is now opening a variety of chances for people seeking for success. If in the past, studying well is the only way to have a happy and convenient life, these days, even when youngsters miss their university education, they can still be successful. Bill Gates has broken through the history and become one of the most famous people in the world who are rich and possesses such a grand cooperation without studying at university. In addition, there are a much wider range of work sectors today than in the past. Beside agriculture and industry, services and tourism have been ideal choices for men. Art and culture also contribute enormously to job market at present.

Last but not least, success is not only means the goodness in study and career, it is also relating to the aspect of a comfortable and happy life. This was created thanks to the life balance, in which, physical matters are equal to spiritual ones. The development in science and technology has greatly support people in doing a number of complicated things in their lives and then save them valuable time that can be spent for their extra-curricular activities and entertainment. People have more time for their friends and families. At the same time, better conditions help them cultivate and warm uptheir soul. People are now considered more fulfill than in the past and they are on their way to a higher level of living standard and success.

In conclusion, from my point of view, humankind is now on their right way to success and indeed, there are more facilities and supporting factors helping them succeed now than in the past. Thanks to the advantages of the times, it is still menís own effort that will be of utmost importance to the fulfillment of their goals and endeavors in the future.

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