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    improve Speaking skill

    I am a student in high school ,I try hard in English because I want to study abroad .But I always get a lot of difficulty ,specially in speaking skill.I can not feel confident while expressing something in English .Please help me ,let me know how to improve my speaking skill .Thanks alot

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    Re: improve Speaking skill

    I just have to say practise English as possible as you can

    So English needs more training and a daily-life conversations

    you'd better speak with native speakers by mic

    so the major advice is self-confident

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    Re: improve Speaking skill

    Hi Guys,

    I can share with you my experience in learning language. It's very simple but i find it as very powerful means. As you know the speaking skill includes the ability of your mouth to imitate the correct accent or sound. When you speak foreign language you have to use muscles which are different from those you use speaking native language. So, the only way to be comfortable with the new way of speaking is, of course, the practice. The more you talk the quicker you improve. If you don't have one who can talk to you simply turn on the TV or internet radio where you can hear english speach and repeat what you hear. In the beginning you won't repeat it correctly but, i promise, gradually you'll get it!

    Next time when you have a conversation you'll notice that you speak more confidently...

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