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    Contract Signing Ceremony speech (I'm in big trouble!!)

    The thing is...the President of our university will be hosting an Academic Exchange Contract Signing Ceremony with our future sister school.
    At the beginning of the ceremony, he has to give a brief speech in English.
    The problem is...he asked me to prepare the speech draft for him!!!
    My goodness, I've never been a university president.
    I don't know what a university president would say in such a ceremony!!!
    And my colleagues told me there aren't any previous speech drafts.
    I tried to search by google with the key words "Contract Signing Ceremony speech".
    But what I've found are not specifically about this type of ceremony.
    So...are there any webpages that contain sample speechs of this type I can refer to?
    Or anything that talks about how important international academic exchange programs are?
    And they have to e webpages as I'll have to hand in the paper in two days.
    Certainly not enough time for me to find a book...
    And I certainly don't want our president to deliver an unprofessional, embarassing, inappropriate speech.

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    Re: Contract Signing Ceremony speech (I'm in big trouble!!)

    Try here:

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