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    can any one tell me what should i do here

    Please look at the student mistakes below and do the following:
    ē Good morning, sir. What's up? (Intermediate)
    I canít really see what needs to be identified here, looks ok but I am told I have to relate it to the numbers below; can anyone help me here?
    1. Identify what is wrong with the sentence
    2. Write what probably caused the mistake
    3. Identify what type of a mistake it is
    4. Write how you would correct it.

    My Answer:
    Can anyone help add some critical points to this as I feel it need an extra eye?
    (Note: These are all spoken mistakes. The level of the learner is written next to the sentence).

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    Re: can any one tell me what should i do here

    Inconsistent register.

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    Re: can any one tell me what should i do here

    Quote Originally Posted by svartnik View Post
    Inconsistent register.
    The only thing which I see inappropriate in that sentence is the usage of formal greeting "Good morning sir" followed by a slang/casual expression "what's up"...

    The Online Slang Dictionary | Definition of what's up?

    It could be that student is not aware that the expression "what's up" is a slang and cannot be used in formal contexts or with seniors, whom you address as "sir"...
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