Hi there!
As I'm preparing for the CAE exam, I pretty much have to be careful with my writing style. The problem is, I seldom write any reports in English, so I'm not sure if the way I write them is correct or not, because, even if I stick with the plan the Book suggests, there might still be some errors. So, that's why I'm asking you, native English speakers or whoever is willing to help me a bit, to take a look at my report and to point out the weak parts of it, or anything else that might need some improvement. I know it's quite "weak", because I didn't find the subject at least a bit interesting. (The report it's supposed to be for 'Bocia', the manufacturers of the new 'Bambo' pushchair, based on the results of interviews with mothers and fathers all over the country and the aim of the interviews was to find out how good the pushchair is.)

Thank you in advance.

The happy baby from the 'Bambo' pushchair

The aim of this report is to bring improvements to the 'Bambo' pushchair, based on users' opinions. As this type of pushchair is new, its manufacturers are keen on fnding whether babies and their parents find this product very helpful, hence the firm could advertise it more, so it becomes a great success.

Voice of the people
Based on a number of 150 interviewed people, a research has been conducted in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Gloucester, Glasgow and Leeds. It was found that the majority of people found the product highly useful and easy to deal with. In the words of mothers that have been interviewed, there are also bad points, mostly because its wheels' and lock mechanism's smallness. More than half of the inquired people admitted that their babies find the 'Bambo' pushchair very comfortable and that they are attracted to its design and colours.

It is recommended that the wheels' size gets changed, as Mrs McCarthy from Glasgow suggests, being a matter of the baby's comfort. Also, is advisable for 'Bocia' to change the wheels' lock mechanism, because accidents might occur. The 'Bambo' pushchair's manufacturers might also consider improving the way the product gets opened and closed.

To sum up, the new pushchair was found to be a "fantastic" product, as a mother from Gloucester considers. On balance, the lightness and management, plus the baby's comfort made this product a success, but, as the interviewed people point out, there still is room forimprovement.