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    Exclamation meaning

    Hello There..
    May i ask these question...?
    I want to know the meaning of these sentences....and how to use them..
    1.what sets you apart?
    2.project st to screen.
    4.where do we feature?
    5.straight and narrow.

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: meaning

    1. What makes you different (i.e., special) from the group or the norm?
    2. Make larger than life, emphasize, make it a reality, bring to one's attention
    3. Learning about life from day to day interactions with people on the street (i.e., at work, at home, in the neighbourhood). It's the opposite of book-smarts (learning about life from a book, school, a teacher)
    4. What's our status?
    5. conservative

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