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    set up housekeeping

    A conversation from a fiction:

    " 'Your nameís in the paper every bloody day over this baby thing, so I wonít ask what youíve been up to.' When Dancer didnít answer, Paul probed him: 'Has it been rough, the dogs yapping at your heels?'

    'Tearing flesh off the bones is more like it.' Dancer looked up at the clear sky and took in a gulp of salty air, adding cheerfully: 'But they canít get me out here, mate, can they? I should have thought of it sooner.'

    'Do you plan to set up housekeeping?'

    Dancer grinned the way Paul remembered the gawky kid with the long legs had when heíd managed a fancy rollover. 'Just setting myself up for a big day. I made it out here, so the rest canít be too much harder.' "

    Dancer is a laywer, and his client is involved in a murdering case, so the media surrounds Dancer's house around the clock. ("the dogs yapping at your heels")
    The conversation is between Dancer and his surfing mantor, Paul.
    I know what "set up housekeeping" means, but I can't make any sense of it being used in this passeage. Please help me out. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: set up housekeeping

    It could mean "initiate a cleansing operation" or an assassination; or just a public relations campaign. It's not certain without knowing the context even better.

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