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    Understanding Morphology

    Hi, I am so completely confused with Morphology. Are none of the following words inflection nor derivation? I think they are all base words with bound morphemes/suffix & prefix


    complete word base suffix prefix

    portable port able
    sanction sanc tion
    flexible flex ible
    modernise modern ise
    organise organ ise
    inaccurate accurate in
    celebrate celeb rate
    circumcision cirucmcis ion

    Or, can I split modern and ise because modern is a free morpheme and say that modern and modernise is a derivation? Then I cannot split organ and ise because the word organ and organise do not have the same meaning?

    Can anyone help me with what the following means?
    Open categories are free routes & bound roots.
    Morpheme has internal stability as nothing can be interposed with a morpheme and they are internally indivisible?

    How do I know how to recognise a single sound or a group of sounds as representing a morpheme?

    Iím so confused does anyone know where I can study this subject on the Internet, Iíve been looking for days?

    Thank you very much to anyone who can help me.

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