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Thread: Beginner vocab

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    Beginner vocab

    Tomorrow I go to London. (Beginner)

    how should i write this up correctly? to me it looks like a simple mistake, like a slip of a tongue but this student is a beginner so i believe it is not as simple.

    1. Identify what is wrong with the sentence

    perhaps the sentence a slip of the tongue caused by over generalization and mis understanding of the term. need some info to broaden this

    1. Write what probably caused the mistake

    I would like to say a slip of the tongue but i cant quite understand what caused the mistake.

    1. Identify what type of a mistake it is

    could this be future simple?

    1. Write how you would correct it.

    i would drill the correct use of the term i.e. Tomorrow I will go to London

    help with this would be appreciated

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    Re: Beginner vocab

    I think it is acceptable. You could suggest it is more natural to employ the future, "will go, shall go, will be going, shall be going, am going to go."

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