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Thread: make doue?

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    Question make doue?

    Can anyone shed light on the 'make doue' spelling of 'make do' (to get by with less)?

    Based on Internet usage, the two predominant spellings I encounter are 'make do' and 'make due'. I understand that 'make do' is the correct spelling.

    I found a small number of cases of this 'make doue' spelling in the same context as 'make do' (and not as a kind of travel slogan for someplace in France named Doue.)

    My thoughts on this spelling are:
    1. Could it be a British or Australian English spelling?
    2. Could it have been an accepted spelling from early in the 20th century?
    3. Could it be the result of a partial correction of the incorrect spelling 'make due' where the person perhaps forgot to erase the last two letters? (make doue)
    Thank you for your help,

    Derek Harmon

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    Re: make doue?

    No, I don't think that exists except as an error, an oddity or a peculiarity. Doue has never been a spelling of do, anywhere in the English language.

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