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    raise one's antennae

    "Molly was naturally fastidious, always washing her hands before meals without being told, brushing her teeth three times a day and insisting her red curls be shampooed even when they didn't need it. This return to using the lavatory raised Marina's antennae."

    Molly has post trauma stress disorder, she doesn't talk to anyone and needs diapers. However, Marina, a psychiatrist, finds there's some change in Molly: using the lavatory again.

    My question: What does "raising Marina's antennae" mean?
    Is it saying Marina becomes more alert to Molly's other changes?

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    Re: raise one's antennae

    She became aware of something, and kept a look-out for further signs. (The image is based on an insect's antennae - used in various ways to sense the surroundings)


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