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    Please help me with this long paragraph..

    Dear All,

    I'm reading a book now and I'm stuck with this paragraph below, please help me..

    Others feared that News Corp. would tinker with what made MySpace popular with teens and young adults looking to connect with each other as well as with singers and bands who used the site to promote their music. The thought was that users would flee MySpace in droves for other social networking sites in order to protest the fact that their "Place for Friends" was no longer a plucky upstart but was instead now a cog in the massive media conglomerate that also included the likes of Bill O'Reilly and the New York Post as corporate cousins.

    My questions:
    1 the phrase 'tinker with'
    2 Can you devide the second sentence into some parts so that I can understand the meaning (if it's possible)?
    3 the phrase 'in droves'
    4 a cog
    5 Does 'conglomerate' here mean corporation?
    5 the likes
    6 corporate cousins

    Thank you..

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    Re: Please help me with this long paragraph..

    1. 'tinker with' - To play with, to change

    2. People who use MySpace may get upset because it's not just for friends and socialising anymore.

    3. 'in droves' - In large groups

    4. A 'cog' is a part of a machine. In this sentence it means 'a part of'.

    5. 'conglomerate' here does mean corporation.

    6. 'the likes' The type of people, similar people.

    7. 'corporate cousins' businesses working together.

    Hope this helps.

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