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    How to keep ourselves motivited?

    Sometimes we feel that we want to learn english from all sides and spend month after month struggling to understand rules, listening from all they speak sheakespear's language, watching Jinnifer and M Duncan's talks...
    But, at last, we meet, on the street, an english men who ask us the way to the station and now the trouble come, any word like to go out of our mouths: we are blocked.
    After while, we feel disappointed and we wonder where were going these months of studies which could not make some phrases in english to show the men a way.
    Now, we are demotivited, we will not learn english anymore.

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    Re: How to keep ourselves motivited?

    Speaking is always so much harder than any other aspect of learning, you just got to do it, you just have to get those words out. Think of how you feel when someone speaks your native language as a second language, you don't think that they sound stupid or insufficient, most of the time you say "wow, your pronunciation is not bad at all" or "wow, that is so cute" or something like that. So, practice as much as you can, and know that every word you learn counts.

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