In todayís society, there are more and more sexually active teenagers and surely it causes a lot of problems. What can be done to help them get right understanding of sex and related subjects? I take the view that sex education for adolescents in schools is a good solution.
In the first place, imparting sexual education through schools can provide students the correct knowledge. In fact, Youngsters derive information on sex from sources like friends, books, the media including television, magazines, advertising and Internet. The problem is that these sources may or may not be accurate and proper information. As such, sex education will help in transferring authentic info and correct their misinformation. For example, without sex education, young people will learn about this side from porn movies, which give a distorted view of sex and human relationship. In addition, while sex education would ideally be support by parents, many of them lack the necessary knowledge and are not at ease with sexuality. So educating teenagers on sex as well as related issues should be handled by a trained sex educator knowing how to broach the subject, what information to talk and what to hold back.
Apart from providing essential knowledge, sexual course in school is one of best options for maintaining sexual health. Students can be taught the correct terms of reproductive, sexually transmitted diseases. It will enable them to acquire knowledge and minimize the risks of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and out of wedlock pregnancy. Just as alarming, a new report suggests that 25% of sexually Australian teenage girls are facing with infertility through transmitted diseases. As a result, sex to education is an important part in dealing with this problem.
Last but not least, the need for sex education is to help adolescents promote informed attitudes. A study shows that many teenagers become sexually active before the inclusion of the educational classes. Early inclusion of sexual classes can help students make better informed decisions and form responsible views on their personal sexual activities. Furthermore, sexual understanding encourages resistance to group pressure to engage in unwanted sexual activities.
Above all, sex education imparted through schools can prove to be a significant and effective method of bettering the teenagersí sex related knowledge, action and attitudes. Itís time for schools o set up regularly sexual courses.