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    Question doubt understanding a context

    Hello :)

    my questions may seem a little stupid , but as american culture is very different from mine sometimes I get confused.
    ok, my first question is : I wrote a message to a friend and he answered .The last line of his message was : And how's it going with you? I hope all is well
    as after the question he said hope all is well, was he expecting me to anser the question ?

    second question : I wrote a friend for birthday and the answer was :
    thank you very much!!Nice wishes especially coming from good friends like you make the day very special!!
    I am just a friend among all the friends ?


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    Re: doubt understanding a context

    1. Yes, but probably you should just keep your answer brief and don't say something that will require him to ask additional questions. "Things are going great, thanks!" or "Things are a bit tough at work, but it will be okay."

    Then add "Hope things are going well for you, too" or something like that.

    2. You are a good friend. How many other friends there are like you, I cannot know. I would understand that you were not "significantly more special than absolutely anyone else." (That is, if you thought you had a romantic understanding with this person, you were mistaken. However, if you count this person as a good friend, you are correct.)

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