Nguyen Hoang is an impressive example of a successful men, particurly those who want to give up after their first difficult.
His childhood was ardous when he had to live far away from his mother. Born in 1980, into a poor family in Hanoi, he did not have many opportunities to study like other children. After five years working in Russia, his mother came back to Hanoi and supported him with his father.
When he was a boy, he was not a good pupil although he had a talent for music and he loved it. In 1999, he studied at Hanoi Tourism University but he had quitted after 6 months. At that time, his parents were furious and thought his decision was a mistake but he persisted. A year later, he decided to study at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music where he found his passion. Futhermore, he played the part of a student who lives far away from his home successfully in a movie. Even though starring in that film made him popular, he decided it was the last time he would play a role in a film. In 2006, he graduated from the Hanoi Conservatory of Music with an impressive grade, he works ad a teacher of music since that. In spite of busy working, he still spends his time supports variety charity organizations which help abandoned children.
Now, working as a teacher and a wedding organizer, his desire is setting up his own company and he will succeed, one day. He always encourages everybody and tells them that: "you will fail unless you try your best"
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