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    Exclamation HELP ME PLEASE

    Mark the main stress on the word below by underlining the vowel of the stressed syllable.

    Example: hospital / understand

    1. allow

    2. prediction

    3. controversial

    4. photograph

    5. photographic

    6. photographer

    7. prefer

    8. preference

    9. record (noun)

    10. record (verb)

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    Prefer, allow, record (v) are stressed on the second "fer", "llow" and "cord"

    record (n): "rec" is stressed. ord becomes urd.

    prediction: anytime ya see -tion, you can expect stress just before that. In this case, it is "dic"

    preference: "pref" is stressed.

    ,photo'grahic (note the suffix -ic)
    pho'tography n pho'tographer (look at greek suffix graphy, logy, etc)

    ,contro'versial (whenever you see some vowel cluster like -ia-, expect the stress to fall on the just before that one)


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