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    Fire and its idiom.

    Dear teachers and English speakers,
    I'm writing a text requiring some 'Fire metaphor' and I need an idiom meaning 'to be in a hurry' but with the 'fire'. Could you help me?

    Could you give any other idioms meaning ' to be in a hurry'?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Fire and its idiom.

    If you see someone going very fast, you ask "Where's the fire?" (as though the person was a fireman, racing to put out a fire).

    Will that work?

    Or I think I've heard something like "Rushing around like my hair is on fire." Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

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    Re: Fire and its idiom.

    I'm afraid it won't fit,
    I need something higher in register, maybe even a bit archaic.
    But thank you, I'll use it another time.


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