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    part-time job - a preparation for adult life

    Topic: Do you agree/ disagree? One way for parents to help teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take apart-time job

    Having their children be trained about science and theories at school is not enough to prepare them for adult life, parents must think about a way to make them familiar with the older, tougher and wider world by encouraging them to take a part-time job.

    One preparation for the young to get into the adult life is the skill of dealing with many people. Many youngster when taking first steps into the adult life cannot get acquainted with the diverse kinds of characteristics, some of them even get lost in the circle of the new life and cannot find the right way to develop their own personalities. If students can talk freely with their friends at school without worrying anything, they have to be cautious and careful when dealing with many types of people that they meet in their real life. When doing a part-time job, the young meet many strange people, the communicating sensibility in this case is indispensable, and this is an invaluable chance for them to practice the skill.

    Another reason for the urge of encouraging the young to take a part-time job is the importance of learning how to take responsibility for what they have done. Parents never want their children to be involved in any complicated affairs, even though they are caused by them, this can be tolerated until the kids grow out of their small colorful clothes and turn into teenagers. The young have to learn how to blame themselves for what they have done wrong and try to correct them. Society needs responsible people, not those who always tell that they are right and never take any responsibilities towards themselves. Part-time job is one of the best ways to force the young to work with all their ability and responsibility, because anything they have done wrong is observed and assessed. No one wants to be criticized, so they tend to work harder and more enthusiastically, hence the increase in their responsibility.

    But the best reason for encouraging the young to take a part-time job is to make them learn how hard money is earned. Many youngsters nowadays still do not appreciate the effort spent to get money and they have wasted too much of it, just because they do not know how hard to get it. Too much has been said about the wasting habit of the young these days, but too little have we known about the ways to stop that. Encouraging the young to take part in a part-time job can be an effective way to solve the problem. When the young stay at home, eat meals, play video games, watch movies and study, they do not bother to know how hard those things are fetched, they just enjoy them. But when working seriously, they can be aware of the tough environment that workplace brings, they need to face up to stress and tiredness when performing tasks, and because no one want to waste things that they have exchanged with much effort, so they are bound to appreciate the value of money.

    All in all, the adult world is known as the toughest, most stressful and most complicated of all, and the careful preparation for the young to get into this world is very important. A part-time job, which is familiar and common for the young, can be an ideal option to welcome them to the adult life effectively.

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    Re: part-time job - a preparation for adult life

    yeah yeah... I note that nearly 200 people have read this essay at the time I wrote these words, and apparently, no comment was left... So I think my essay must be very bad :)) So I am going to write another one on the same topic, hope that the new one will be better than this one and somebody will bother to leave a comment on that essay.
    Try try try... :D

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