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    Question Advice letter help

    Write a letter to an exchange friend about coming in your country.
    Follow the stages bellow.
    Stage 1
    Imagine the person you are writing to. Answer this questions:
    1.Is your partner a boy or girl?
    2.What was your visit to Britain like when you stayed with him/her?
    3.Did anything special happen? Did you have any problems?
    4.What are your partner's interests?
    5.Is there any useful advice you can give him/her about coming in your country?
    Stage 2
    Organise your notes into three paragraphs.
    1.introduction (chat, questions)
    2.reason for writing (give your advice)
    3. an excuse to finish the letter
    Stage 3
    Write your letter.
    Stage 4
    Check your letter.

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    Re: Advice letter help

    Okay, it sounds like your teacher laid out a very complete set of instructions. So, what step did you make it to?

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