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    help me to correct this please (urgent)


    I was just wondering if someone could help me to correct the following text. I spent hours writing it but I just feel like it's not perfect yet.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    e-advertising : different forms, use, effectiveness.

    Nowadays the Internet is becoming the most frequently used means of communication and information. Every business tries to take advantage of this new technology to promote their ads in order to reach a larger public. Since the onset of the first Internet advertisement in 1994, the latter has evolved a lot and has become of vital significance for most companies. How can we explain the extent of e-advertising power?
    The forms of online advertising are very wide-ranging, from simple static banners to dynamic video advertising, e-mail marketing and spam. One can also find ads that are displayed when the cursor passes over them or when they’re clicked on. Some of them, called contextual ads, can even differ according to the user's habits. This variety of forms offers many possibilities for advertisers, which contribute to the sucess of e-advertising. Moreover, the advertisers can pay the publishers by many different methods - the most well known and used of which are pay per click and pay per view, and thus they can choose how much money they want to invest in marketing. This is undoubtedly what makes online advertising so successful : contrary to other forms of advertising, advertisers only pay if a user has interacted with the ad, consequently the outlay? is short-term, which allows small companies to invest in online marketing as well. Furthermore, the Internet has a unique, much appreciated feature which is that advertisers can target specific people. Indeed, personal information is gathered in many ways whilst the user is surfing, such as his location through his IP address, his previous visits through cookies or data collected when he signs up on a website. Afterwards, this data is used to perform behavioural targeting. The goals of an advertising campaign are sometimes to increase notoriety or promote a given product to a specific type of people (such as a small shop that wants to advertise only to people that live in the same city) and as a result it becomes very useful to enable advertisers to reach a specific audience.
    To make one’s advertising effective, the choice of advertising form is of the utmost importance: an enjoyable ad is required in order not to blind the user, and the message must be readable. Then, one should think about which publishers to use and how many, as the quantity depends primarily on the target market and the budget. It is imperative that the support sites deliver contents linked to the campaign and that advertising be repeated to leave its mark on the user. It is also essential that advertising be extended by a website created for the occasion or even a page explaining the details of the campaign. Thus e-advertising can easily draw in the user who viewed it if it is optimal.
    As a conclusion, one daresay that e-advertising is an advertisement support like no other. It can cater for huge companies that want to improve their brand image as much as smaller companies as it can reach the target market whilst sticking to the budget, which explains the considerable growth experienced by e-advertising.

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    Re: help me to correct this please (urgent)


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