Make any necessary changes to the words to fit in the blank spaces that follow them.

Pleas explain grammar tips in brief.

1- Biological.

Biology is a branch of science that studies plant and animal life.

2- Expire.

The regulations say that expire date must be clearly printed on the tops of all brands of drinks.

3- Vision.

Distance stars are not visional to the naked eye.

4- Survive.

About 30% of the passengers on the train survive in the crash.

5- Reduce.

Truck drivers in Europe went on a strike to force EU officials to reduce fuel tax.

6- Digest.

Do you know anything about the function of liver in the digestion system?

7- Human.

Indeed, the best service to human at the modern age is to revive spiritual values.

8- Wake.

My parents' encouragements wake up self-confidence in me.

9- Difficult.

He faced many difficulties in life but never lost hope.

10- Long.

A light year refers to the how long of time it take for light to travel in a year.

11- Village.

An average village in Northern Province produces about 45 kilograms of tea-leaf.

12- Farm.

Rain-fed farm is more common in Iran due to water shortage.

13- Central.

Middle East has always been in the center of the world power' attention because of its rich sources of oil, and gas.

14- Visit.

Visitor to the art museum were forbidden to take any photographs.

15- Live.

The criminal court sentenced the ringleader to lives imprisonment.

16- Wisdom.

It was a very wisdom decision insures your flat against fire.

17- Addition.

There will be no additional charges for extra luggage on domestic flights.

18- Clean.

Clean is nest to Godliness.

19- Emphasize.

Nowadays, parents in modern societies put a great deal of emphasize on their children's education.

20- Disappointing.

Mary was disappointed to find out that she has failed her history exam.

21- Rejection.

Dormitory officials rejected my request for staying in dormitory during summer holidays.

22- Seriously.

The last time I visited my doctor, I told him about my headache, but he said that is was not serious.

23- Consider.

Police arrested a suspect whit a considerable sum of money in his car.

24- Sadness.

The boy with paralysis was sitting in his wheel-chair, looking sadness at the passengers by.

25- Loss.

They lost their father in Civil war in 1970s.

26- Concentrating.

Our teacher advised us to keep our concentration while answering questions on the test.

27- Illness.

Tommy fell illness when we were backing home from our trip to Alaska.

28- Pain.

It was painful to see him suffering.