Make any necessary changes to the words to fit in the blank spaces that follow them.

Pleas explain grammar tips in brief.

29- Used, useful, usefully, usefulness

a) Kris bought a usefulness Land Rover to drive around the country.

b) I found a useful book in the attic about repairing electrical appliance.

c) The blank paper wasted in wrapping boxes can more usefully be a notebook.

d) Managing board doubts the used of importing raw materials.

30- Fail, fail, failure

a) Ed passed three exams, and fails only one.

b) His had never had a fail before.

c) His failure was so shocking to him that it took three months for him to recover.

31- Vary, various, variety, variation

a) Boiling point of a liquid may vary due to variation in air pressure.

b) For variety reasons, I doubt whether they are telling us the whole truth.

c) I don't like my job, because it lacks various.

32- Pity, pity, pitiable.

a) It is a pity that a well-educated person behaves so cheaply.

b) The young children who lost all their family members in war are to be pitiable.

c) A young reporter videotaped pity scenes of a dying soldier.