Ever since the beginning of my high school career, I have welcomed the challenge of multiple accelerated/honors courses. I took these courses instead of the normal courses because challenging myself makes life interesting. By taking these courses, I was able to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) courses in partner with the University of Oshkosh to earn college credits. Not only do I take these courses, I excel in these courses by earning a perfect five on the AP tests that I took, as well as earning three college credits from both of my CAPP classes. These courses have helped to shape my work and study habits, which will help me to succeed in college and in the real world.
In addition to taking advanced courses during school, I have also participated in various extra-curricular activities. I believe in depth of participation as it allows for complete focus on the task. During my freshman year, I joined the debate team and placed fourth at the state level competition. I have also participated on the tennis team along with two school organizations: DECA and Key Club.
During my summers, I volunteered at the local Restore Habitat for Humanity store. The purpose of Restore is selling products at reduced costs to the community in order to raise money to build houses. The volunteers at the store take donations from different people or corporations in the community and stock them on the shelves. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity has allowed me to help people who are less fortunate that I am to have a chance at a successful life.
At the start of my junior year, I acquired a position at a local ice cream shop “Cold Stone Creamery”. In addition to working fifteen to twenty hours a week, I have been able to maintain A’s in my classes. In holding down a job and maintaining my grades, working continues to teach me how to manage my time to maximize personal efficiency. I believe that time management is an important skill not only for college, but in a career as well. It is important to be able to accomplish all of my responsibilities, on time, with ease.
Working with my co-workers, who come from all different backgrounds, has allowed me to learn to adapt to working with people with different personalities. During my high school years, I have learned that working well with all different people is a valuable skill, which allows for good communication and teamwork. During different school projects, or during different events for clubs, I have been faced with many situations in which I had to work with a group of people whom I had not known prior. Within these groups, I take charge of the group and lead it to success as opposed to being a follower and allow one person to do all of the work. I believe that because I have risen up to take on challenges in groups I have learned how to help people.