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    in times; at time

    in ..times; at...time

    Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to say:

    1) AT Elizabethan TIME
    2) AT THE Elizabethan TIME
    3) IN Shakespeare's TIMES
    4) IN Shakespearian TIMES

    Thanks. Rip

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    Re: in times; at time

    No, Awkward, OK, and OK.

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    Re: in times; at time

    These are what I would suggest, Rip:

    In Shakepeare's time (his time is one time)
    In the time of Shakspere (during his life-- as with the above)
    At the time of Shakspere (at the same period but not necessarily concerning the playwright)
    In Elizabeth's time (the queen-- one life, one time)
    In Elizabethan times (the name of a period)

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