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    Smile Re: Learning Word Games

    I am a English learner,from China.
    In my opinion,watching more English
    films is a good way!It can improve
    my pronuciation and listning comprehension.

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    Re: Learning Word Games

    Hi William,

    Here is a game I like to use:

    Put the students in teams
    Write 4 words on the board
    Teams must choose which word is different than the others


    dog cat golf tiger

    This is an easy example, but it shows how the students would golf because it is not an animal.

    You can put around 10 groups of words on the board and make it a competition. Clearly, you can change the difficulty based on your classes.

    Here are some ideas that work well for ESL.

    Verb tense (ran, played, jumped, playing)
    Irregular verbs (run, play, jump, start)
    Word Form (play, jumping, ran, easy)
    Plurals (children, teeth, toes, bucket)

    Or, try geography, history, science, numbers, etc.

    The students like the logical challenge the game provides, and they will really start talking to their teammates.

    Hope that one helps!


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