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    Lightbulb come through the pipe

    Hello! I just ran across this expression in a text, "come through the pipe". What does it actually mean?
    The context is as follows:

    "While meeting with the KIMEP administration, Mr. Shea outlined the future of the Enterprise Student Fellowship at KIMEP. According to Mr. Shea, “when all students come through the pipe, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, [US-CAEF] plans to support nearly 110 students. This support should continue for the next dozen years.”

    US-CAEF is an education foundation which provides financial support to students, Mr.Shea is its CEO. KIMEP is a higher institution.

    Thank you!

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    Re: come through the pipe

    It's a metaphor for the pipe as a cylindrical object through which things, usually fluid, flow and are delivered from one place to another as a matter of course.

    When something comes through the pipe, it just means that it is delivered in a normal and entirely unsurprising fashion to its destination or objective.

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