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    is this sentence correct?

    Please use the black adhesive paper to cover the cargo description shown on the ship mark in order to avoid anystolen or missing goods during the transshipment. Furthermore, do you request our help to purchase the cargo insurance?

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    Re: is this sentence correct?

    It's pretty close... just some misuses of the definite article "the" (very common). You can make the sentence easier to read and understand by rearranging the clauses, too. In the final sentence, "require" is probably a better choice than "request," and it's more common in business English to use an imperative rather than a question. Here's my example:

    "In order to minimize the risk of theft during transit, please use black adhesive paper to cover the cargo's description on the ship mark. [What is a ship mark?] Furthermore, please advise if you require our assistance in purchasing cargo insurance."

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