A very pleasant good morning to you. Iím Donald of 4iA.
Today I am presenting my ideas regarding our school's rules for hair styles. Are they simply for our school's presentation, or just another restriction upon the students at Kolej Tuanku Jaafar?

The difference in opinion about hairstyles has been highly polarized in KTJ.
In my first point I would like to state that; students express their individualities through their hairstyles. Preventing them from doing so will limit their expressiveness causing them to feel that they are being controlled and in some cases there might be a likely chance of a rebellion.

Besides that, school life is just isnít about academics. Itís about having fun and being adventurous - trying out various things.
The sense of feeling aesthetically pleasing also helps to boost their self-confidence in what they are doing.

Is our school, Kolej Tuanku Jaafar just adding this rule for their school presentation? To what Iím aware of, most international schools in Malaysia, for example: ISKL, Garden International School and Alice Smith, allows their students to have any hairstyle, therefore I donít see a reason why does our school have this rule.

To finish off, I would like to (PLEASE HELP HERE TOO)

I believe that the ideas presented today will give you a new vision on the rules regarding hairstyles at our school. Thank you for your time for listening to my speech and have a good day.

Please help me improve my speech.
It takes up 25% of my english exam's mark.