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    Smile where it would fall on a plot diagram ? and why?

    where it would fall on a plot diagram ? and why?

    That would be the last time that John played a trick on his sister. He was grounded for two weeks and lost all phone privileges.

    Harry looked down at the deep impression of the paw prints in the exposed mud on the edge of the creek bed. They were those of the wolf that had been following him since early last week. He could tell because of the missing toe. Maybe today he would get lucky and finally get a chance to finish what he had started.

    Patrick looked out over the freshly plowed farm fields and turned his gaze back to the small white house. Joey and Jake were wrestling and kicking up dust from the yard. His wife was busy hanging up laundry on a line that was strung from the house to the huge oak beside it.

    “Look!” cried the detective as he peeled back the iron lid to reveal the blue velvet pouch that contained the diamonds. Next to it lay an envelope with the inscription “To whoever finds this” scrawled in black ink.

    Thank you,sir.

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    Re: where it would fall on a plot diagram ? and why?

    Dear brookekim:

    The job is to decide, by careful reading and reflection, where in a story these four excerpts would be. As you read each one, think to yourself, 'Does this sound like the opening of a story? the middle? the most exciting moment? the very end?'
    It's up to you to decide. I am assuming your teacher has taught you the various stages of plot development. Get out your notes and take a look.

    All best wishes,



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