Measuring Up Differences
Reading is the interpretation of words for understanding, and for bringing knowledge of the subject in a set of letters made into words. Reading is done all over the world in our lives daily, even in times when we my not realize it. The internet is a major place in which we read information being shared by others. News reports in the internet are one of the ways we get informed of the events going on close by or around the world. In some cases the same events are publicized on different websites, but may carry different information or points of view. For instance in news casts websites like CNN and Fox have the same news of the fifteen year old who was gang raped, but within the article they have their similarities and differences.
Starting with the title of fox news article, which is “Dozen people watched Gang rape, Police say”. The title seems to be more open about the situation in which people watched what was going on but didn’t do anything to help her. Unlike the title in the article in CNN which is “Police: Gang raped outside school dance lasted over two hours”. This title gives information about what took place, where and how long , but not the fact that fifteen people stood around and watched the brutal violence happening and didn’t do anything to help her or report the situation. Another difference that is presented between these two articles, is that the article in Fox gets to the point of what happened and leave out unnecessary details which shortens it, on the other hand CNN article gives more details of the situation and has more interview quotes. The way CNN article is setup can help the reader understand the situation more also if the article has a visual aid or pictures. For instance the Fox article did not have a picture or visual aid to represent the article, this could have given the article something to complement the situation. Nevertheless CNN provided us with two pictures that help us visualize the situation in a small sense . One was of the sign of the school outside ,where this incident had happened and the other was of the ambulance leaving the area with its red flashing lights.
Like these pictures we can also see the similarities between these two articles. In both of these articles, Lt. Mark Gagan of the police department, is referenced according to that she was raped, beaten brutally and robbed. In the Fox article, the writer states that after the homecoming dance the fifteen year old left to meet her dad that was there to pick her up, but then a friend told her to go get some drinks and that’s when she got intoxicated, and then the incident occurred. Like wise in the CNN article, it states that they reviewed the toxicology reports that determined her blood level of alcohol in her system which was certain she was drunk. The information is in both articles this gives us back ground information of what happened before she was publicly violated. In hand and hand the articles language give more factual information then emotional or opinionated views. There is one occasion where both articles give a sensible opinion of what happened : “what makes it even more disturbing is the presence of others. People came by, saw what was happening and failed to report it“, Fox article stated. With this you can see how it affects the Fox writer and the concern about the case. There is a resemblance in the CNN article, where the writer says,” It was like a horror movie after looking at the evidence. I can’t believe not one person felt compelled to help her .” According to CNN and Fox news we can see how people are not waiting to be hero’s or to be compassionate towards other.
I guess it’s because there’s all types of people out there with similarities and differences like these two news articles. Each may carry the same information or points of view, but in different ways to bring information out to the public . All we have to do is read the information that’s out there to enhance our knowledge of a subject through reading articles similar to these two, they may have their differences but within they have there similarities to.