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    Smile questions about voca and expression in school

    Hi! Teachers

    I hope you have a great day. Here are my questions.

    1. What is the opposite of the "graduation"?

    I don't know American school events. As far as I know, “Graduation” is called when students officially leave their school. Then, how do you say the official event when you enter into middle school?

    Is “commencement” only used in university graduation or frequently used in secondary schools?

    2. What do you call things(like flyers) on school bulletin board in English, is there a particular term for it? I saw "bullets" but maybe I'm wrong

    3. Regarding grading students’ test, if one of them got the answer incomplete or unsatisfied for full points, then he will get “partial points". Is it right term for the case?

    In terms of students, is it O.K. to say:
    Can I get partial points on that (ex: number 1)?

    If it’s O.K, then is it commonly used to ask for more points? If you know the appropriate expression in this situation, please let me know.

    4. Is it right expressions? Please correct me.
    A: What period is for P.E. class?

    B: P.E class is the fourth period

    C: What time third period begin? (or start à I’m not sure which one is better)

    I’m sorry to post too many questions. Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: questions about voca and expression in school

    1. You can use the verb matriculate to describe someone entering or enrolling in a school. The noun form is matriculation.

    2. Flyers, notes, memos, bulletins, announcements... there are lots of things that can be stuck on a bulletin board.

    3. "Partial credit" would be more commonly used in American English. British English, I believe, uses the term "marks," as in "full marks."

    4. A. What period is P.E. class? (You can also use the question word which here.)
    B. P.E. class is fourth period.
    C. What time does third period begin/start? (either word is okay)

    Hope this helps!


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