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    irregular verb list

    The usingenglish list of irregular verbs is the longest and most complete i've ever read, with some verbs that are very seldom. But i've just found three that are missing: 'to underdelve' with the past part. 'underdolven' and 'to cleave' which has two different and contradictory meanings. The one meaning is 'to stick', corresponding to the german 'kleben', and the second meaning is 'to split'. The past tenses mentioned in my dictionary are 'cleft/has cleft' or 'clove/has cloven'. Are those past tenses interchangeable independly of the meaning (to stick or to split) or are they corresponding to a specific meaning?

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    Re: irregular verb list

    Thanks very much for those- we are going to change the page into a database in the near-future, so I'll add them. With 'cleave' you have a 'cleft stick', but a 'cloven hoof', so the distinction is not through meaning alone.

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