I'm applying for an entrance in a top university in New Zealand but I have a problem:

- I'm currently studying in polytechnic institute but want to move to university and graduate from there. Their current criteria for considering applications from polytechnics is that they want good grades. I don't have "good" grades but I'm still doing OK. They want a 'B' average and I'm about 'C' average. Therefore, I need to write them a letter to ask them to seriously consider my application despite the grades. My main argumentative points are:

- I have some work experience in the field which is rare in students.
- I haven't been serious about studies in past because I was still confused on what I wanted to do. Now, I'm dead certain that this is what I want to do and I'm going for it. My last semester grades were the best so far and I'm trying to continue the trend this semester.
- My worst grades have come when I had to work 30+ hours along with full time study.
- I have extra-curricular hobbies that help me develop as a person.
- I just know I can cut it at that university level. I'm pretty determined. 95% of applicants won't go as far as writing a letter to the dean.

I know my application is a a long shot and odds are stacked heavily against me but I still want to give it a try.

So if you guys could help me create a persuasive letter to the dean, it would be great. My aim is to gain an admission straightaway. If not then at least get an interview with the dean so I can push my case further.

I have no experience/knowledge in writing letters so your help would be invaluable. If someone could provide me with a skeleton that would me awesome

Thanks for reading this!!