Blue Jeans
Tight, loose, ripped or worn out are some of the different types of blue jeans we can now find when come to choose a pair pants. The distinct versions of blue jeans have kept this piece of clothing as one of the most worn product by all ages. At some point in our lives, we all have own a pair of blue jeans. I believe that at least a pair of blue jeans can be found in one’s closet. The different styles of blue jeans have made people love this particular item and with it we can find a more fun and fashionable way of dress ourselves.
According to History of Levi Strauss Blue Jeans, an article of by Cheyenne Cartwright, blue jeans, who back then were known as “waist overalls”, were invented by Levis Strauss in 1853. However, around 1872 Levis Strauss co-partner with Jacob Davis to reinforce the durability of blue jeans (Cartwright). Jacob Davis was the one who discovered the new way to reinforce blue jeans, since he did not have the money to patent the idea; he had to partner with Levis Strauss to be able to pay for the patent (Cartwright). In addition, blue jeans were worn by men whose jobs required durable and strong clothing such as the miner workers during the Gold rush era in California (Cartwright).
Nowadays, not only men wear blue jeans, but also women. Designers have created different styles of blue jeans, which most of the designs are mainly for women. Skinny jeans, for example, are one style that most women, especially young girls, are wearing. They are very tight which gives the body a thin shape. We can find them in different colors to match with shirts and blouses. According to, skinny jeans “originated in the 1950s, when Jeans came to symbolize passionate youth and rebellion.” Also, points out that “skinny jeans were also very popular among rock bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and others [and still] remain popular on the music scene.” Today, this type of blue jean is very popular among young people and celebrities. Probably, everywhere we go we will find somebody wearing a pair of skinny jeans.
Furthermore, blue jeans have not been created only to provide a fashion look to our appearance, but also to provide conformity to our bodies. Many people wear blue jeans to work, so they can feel good when doing their activities. Blue jeans are very helpful when comes to perform activities such as climbing or walking because they protect the lower body from harming the skin. In addition, during the winter blue jeans are also very useful because they protect our legs from the cold.
Blue jeans will always going to have a room inside our closet. Do not matter if blue jeans are tight or loose. Do not matter if blue jeans are old and unfashionable. They will always remain popular among young and old people.