Hi everybody,
I am a young teacher who is on an internship program as an English teacher.
I have been observing quite a number of English-speaking classes and I realize an absence of focus on vocabulary teaching in those classes. My students can't hold their conversations for too long,say 2 or 3 minutes, using 100% English. Their discussions break down quite often and they are discouraged to express themselves linguistically. There is a real shortage of word stock in them.
Unfortunately, the current curriculum emphasizes heavily on functional phrases and group work. The topics for students to talk about are quite tough and sometimes abstract. I have made some efforts to equip them with useful and focused vocabulary so that they can function better in their group work as well as individually. But I myself find it rather boring and daunting to teach them vocabulary by giving handouts and short reading texts rich in words and phrases they would need. I want to organize some games for them to learn these items but games are often time-consuming (I have only 2 class sessions for an English-speaking lesson)
Anybody has some advice for me? At the moment, I am relying on the books : English collocation in use and Vocabulary for IELTS. I am from Vietnam, . Thank you for reading my thread and I would be grateful if you all leave any ideas and advice.