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    Technology or Technologies

    According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the word "technology" is countable and uncountable.

    Are the following sentences (1 and 2) okay? Can I understand that the speaker thinks computer technology is a single type of technology in sentence 1 while the speaker thinks there are various types of computer technologies in sentence 2?

    1. Computer technology has changed the world.
    2. Computer technologies have changed the world.

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    Re: Technology or Technologies

    Your understanding is correct, but I would argue that "computer technology" is too specific to encompass more than one type of technology to the average reader.

    If you said something like "The technologies of the biomedical and microcomputer fields are merging to create exciting new possibilities for.... (etc.)" then you have two different types of technology.
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    Re: Technology or Technologies

    ...but are there really two completely different types of computer technology? Isn't it all essentially down to the microprocessor chip?

    For 'technologies' to be correct, we would have be considering something complex e.g. in car manufacture, metallurgy might develop some alloy that makes the engine half the weight it was, saving fuel costs (so, the technology of metals and alloys); and computer technology having developed miniaturisation of computer components to the point that cars also having computers incorporated into the car and its engine, to govern the injection fuel system, brake functioning, steering etc.
    "The technologies now found in the average home that have revolutionised daily family living."

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    Re: Technology or Technologies

    IN my opinion ,They are both correct but they have two different meaning .
    Computer technology means the intelligent of computer or more clearly it means one type of technology
    And Computer technologies means all of devides which is designed on computer technology.
    (Oh ,my expression may be so bad , please sympathize for me about that)

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