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    Post SOP for PhD in Computer Science

    Would someone review my essay. Some people say that there is some omitted a,an, and the articles in this essay. Would you please tell me where they are?

    Thanks in advance

    Having completed my undergraduate degree and tasted research briefly in M.Sc., as the next step along my career path, I am applying for admission to the Ph.D. program in Computer Science in University to get involved deeply in research and be prepared for teaching and research-based careers. My main ambition is to utilize my research skills and knowledge to bring the welfare for my society. My undergraduate studies, research projects, work and teaching experiences, teamwork skills, and personal interests all support my decision to study computer networks and leads me to believe that I will be successful both as a Ph.D. student and later as a researcher in an academic milieu.

    Computers have interested me since high school, when I was a collector of computer magazines. I was trying to read most every article in those magazines and learn everything about the state-of-the-art technologies. Soon, I became the supplier of computer magazines for my high school library because of my knowledge in this field. I participated in the nation-wide university entrance exam in my country and got the rank of 106 among approximately 400000 participants. Although I was given the chance to freely choose any major of my interest, I ended up choosing Information Technology as my prospective area of study in Sharif University of Technology, the most competitive university of technology in my home country. I studied diligently in undergraduate besides working outside university and reached the topmost rank in my major. Therefore, the university considered me as an exceptional talented student and let me enroll in M.Sc. program without passing the entrance exam. The government also exempted me from doing the compulsory military service.

    When I was a junior, as the final project of Computer Networks course, I developed a Java-based graphical routing simulator (available online on my homepage) with the goal of demonstrating a well-known on-demand routing protocol in wireless networks. While it was a great chance for me to get acquainted with wireless networks, it was not until next semester that I started the research on mobility models in ad-hoc networks. MobiSim is a mobility generator, evaluator, and analyzer application, which I developed as my B.Sc. final project. I tried to implement my knowledge of object-oriented design and software patterns to make it modular and extensible. I, as a research team member, worked on improving distance prediction and mobility model recognition in ad-hoc networks using this software and published four papers in this field. Finding computer networks enchanting prompted me to voluntarily take Advanced Computer Networks, a graduate course, as an extra credit and pursue the computer networks field in M.Sc. program.

    I knew about multimedia networks from Multimedia Systems course and when I was introduced to P2P networks by a Ph.D. student in the Digital Media Laboratory, I found P2P video streaming a challenging and fascinating field to pursue in M.Sc. program. I did a comprehensive survey on P2P live video streaming protocols and now am working on publishing it. Besides, I proposed a new hybrid P2P protocol, LayeredCast, with the goal of streaming live layered video. During this project, I learned how to work with OMNET++ simulator and its related packages. Then, I developed an additional module on it for simulating streaming applications on P2P networks.

    Other than my experience in presenting workshops in my part-time job, I volunteered as a teacher assistant for many undergrad/graduate courses to satisfy my desire to pass my knowledge down. I, however, would like to mention only two of them that were something more than only a teaching experience for me. Computer Workshop is a preliminary course in our university, which helps freshmen acquire computer skills they need during their undergraduate studies. It was an invaluable experience to have a close contact with freshmen and help them become familiar with the new environment of university. Being TA for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course taught by Dr. yyy for three semesters, I became skilled at planning and managing the software project of up to 15 groups. Besides, I wrote a document to guide succeeding TAs to know how to propose a software development methodology for students to do their project based on it and to manage deadlines of projects to be in accordance with course pace.
    Being familiar with mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless multi-path routing, P2P networks, and multimedia networks, I want to pursue my Ph.D. degree in computer networks. While I did not have the chance to work on real-world applications in my previous researches, I would like to wrestle with real-world problems in this field, have a close contact with tangible equipments along with simulation environments, and transfer the result of my researches to industry.
    I have found that university is one of the topmost universities in the world, particularly in the computer science field. However, what make me to choose it to follow my education in are its great network labs with its up-to-date research facilities and the diverse and profound courses. Moreover, I took a look at the research interests and some publications of faculties of Department of Computer Science in the field of computer networks and have found my objectives in accordance with interests of the faculties, especially, of professor xxx, yyy, and zzz. One last attracting point about University is the cultural diversity of the students, making it a natural choice for someone who was not born in USA. I do hope that I will be given a fair chance to realize my objectives by being granted an admission. I look forward for a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the University.

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    Re: SOP for PhD in Computer Science

    My main ambition is to use my research skills and knowledge to improve conditions in my country.
    Rather than got the rank, say achieved the rank.

    In my opinion, best is better than most competitive.

    I studied diligently as an undergraduate.

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