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It is almost impossible for women to have a successful career as well as having the full responsibility of raising a family.


Woman is half of the society. Indeed it is an Arabic say that clarifies how important she is. Nowadays I would say she owns a bigger portion than before. She almost handles more commitments and responsibilities towards her family and society.
The question is, would she be able to successfully manage both shores; her personal life (family) and her job assignments? What are the pros and cons for such situation?
A vital point that is undeniable meantime, that woman’s salary participates a lot in improving her family’s income. Live has become expensive. The need of her earning gets more important if she has a big family. Children’s needs are growing every day. For example, in the past children plays with simple toys whereas now they own electronics ones that costs more. In addition, they like to spend their free times and weekends in entertainment cities. Also, they need health insurance, studying fees and comfortable healthy shelter. Moreover, people like to spend their summer vacation abroad. Traveling plan even should get a portion from her family’s income. So, this is a main advantage of woman’s being employed. Another good point is for her. Through working, woman can achieve many personal needs such as self actualization, being independent, widening her knowledge, keeping herself up to date and insure her financial future by saving.
On the other hand, there of course some disadvantages that could appear, it is very difficult for her to manage both sides. Her family needs her as same as her job. This could result in less productivity and its quality. As an example, in her job she will mostly avoid attending work’s courses that would benefit her, especially they are abroad. She would prefer every single minute for her family. In addition, within her family circle, she could not be able to participate in many important and special moments of her children live such as attending parents’ day in their school. Also, she will slightly disappear from her relatives and friends occasions.
In conclusion, I see that woman’s working is an important need despite the disadvantages she would face. According to that, I see she has to get lots of help from her close relatives and her husband specially. In this case, she will be more productive, industrious and successful person within both lives, personal and vocation once.

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