Well as I saw in other post, you can help me.. I have done a enourmus work to make this letter since I'm not good at english (I have noticed it ^^)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I clearly remember the day I discovered the XXX XXX programme, I simply said “This is perfect for me!”. I really see it as my great opportunity of an exchange experience with a solid support and the best way to continue my studies in what is for me a passion: mathematics.
Nowadays, mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, includingphysics, informatics, engineering, economics, medicine, biology and social science, as well as it is, in reference to pure mathematics, an amazing rich ground of study itself. To be honest, I feel dazzled with this universe that combines forms, ideas, creativity, abstraction and more, in a logical reasoning way that makes it universal and explainable.

Ending the second year of my degree in mathematics at the XXXXXXX XXX

XX XXXXXX XXX, I am in a crucial situation in the career in which I start to guide my studies into optional fields, that is to say, to forge the personal orientation in the subject. I have been involved in mathematics from early in my life, since I took part in Mathematical Olympiads during the six high school years. I represent my country in many international Olympiads which take place in different countries. I was awarded with honorable mentions in XXX, XXX and XXX in XXX/XXX, XXX and XXX, respectively; with bronze medals in XXX and XXX in XXX and XXX, respectively; and two times first national place in XXX at XXX and XXX. I also participate in physics Olympiads. It is may be because of those experiences that I recognize the value that the XXX XXX scholarship would have in my academic and nonacademic aspirations.

Because what I would gain with the XXX XXX scholarship includes also what I would grow as a person throughout the mobility. I am looking forward to interact with other students, share our different cultures, learn from them and vice versa. I do not want to have a limited perspective about the world, I prefer an open mind and this is what I am also searching for. I am anxious to know about the university's action in XXX, the mathematics's role and scale in the context and of course to take part for almost a year in the day after day of learning mathematics with a complete new range of professors and students who will, without doubt, enlarge the way I feel and understand the subject.

Being conscious about my career's limitations in the thematic offer here in XXX, something reasonable in my small country, in order to make the most of the scholarship, I am mainly interested in attend specific courses that are not given at my faculty. At the return to XXX, my plans are to finish the bachelor degree and then to continue with my studies in a particular area, which, why not, may be would have attracted my interest during the scholarship.

I am grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favourable reply,Yours Faithfully,

Mucho Suenio