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Thread: using to be!!

  1. ferria

    using to be!!


    I have a hard time to recognize whether some specific verbs should be used with or without "to be." For example, which one of the following sentences is correct:
    I graduated.
    I am graduated.

    Is there any list that I can refer to when I am not sure how to use some verbs.

    Also, I wanted to know whether there is any specific website in the Internet that can give the prepositions used after different verbs, for example, is it correct to say "You are entitled to" or "You are entitled of"?



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    Re: using to be!!

    If the verb is intransitive, it doesn't have a passive form with 'be'. In your example, we say 'he graduated from xx University'.

    The dictionaries here will give examples with prepositions:

    It's 'entitled to'.


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