Hello everyone!

I have to provide answers to some problem solving questions and I'm not quite sure what to write in there. I would really appreciate some help, suggestions :))

here are the Qs:

Q1. EFL/ESL teachers should constantly develop professionally by attending training sessions etc. so that their lessons are attractive and interesting.
What kind of training/ workshop could you prepare for teachers? What would it be about?

Q2. There are 20 new groups of students that start their courses in 2 weeks' time. Only few currently employed teachers can take some groups, plus it is the middle of a school year and most teachers (not only "ours') are really busy and haven't much time because their schedules are full. How would you solve this situation?

so when it comes to the second question I though maybe try to recruit other teachers from 'outside' or divide groups in a way that teachers exchange the groups (eg. group meets twice a week, so one day one teacher and the other day some other teacher).

and about the workshop, I've no ideas, maybe implementing movies into lessons, or songs, or..:(((

please help me
I don't want ready answers, just some suggestions