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    Smile help me i am not native please

    hi iwould like to say that i like english sooooooo much but it is my second language ,so
    i would you to help me to know how really the native speakers talk ,their structures ,expressions ,and every thing especially FORMAL AND INFORMAL speech .
    thank you soooooo much
    best wishes

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    Re: help me i am not native please


    It sounds like you are motivated! If you are not taking an English class there are other things you can do. Watch TV and movies in English. You will really get to see how the language works in real life situations. You will also learn a lot of slang. The good part about watching TV, in terms of your language study, is that you can pick the topic you want to focus on. If you need to know law enforcement terms you can watch a show about police officers. If you need to brush up on your academic English you can watch a show on the History Channel or the Discovery channel. Keep a pen and notebook handy so you can jot down any unknown words.

    I would recommend that you take a formal English class too. This is where you will get the grammar and instruction that you will need. I hope this helps!

    Andrew Lawton
    ESL Lessons and Exercises for English Fluency by Drew

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