Hello , :) .

I'm going to imagine that I studying in America and I have made a new friend so I'll write a message to my father to tell him about my new friend .
( That is a trining for me to learn the writing skill )


Dear father ,
How are you dad ? . Sorry I haven't seen you for ages but I have had masses of work ! . My study is going really well , though .
I have just met a kind friend his name is John . He is 22 years old but he looks younger . He has an attractive character . He also very energetic person and very adventurous . He lives with his family and I like his little brother . He is an excellant mechanic and works in a small work-shop so he fix lots of car daily . He likes vally ball and reading but he doesn't like rock music . This morning he helped a blind to go across a street so that is why I like him , He helps his friend when they need it .
I hope see you soon .


Ok . I know I have mistakes in this letter
so ,please , could anyone help me .

how can I describe someone ? ( give me examples and adjectives to make a correctly phrase ) . Also I need know a wonderful introduction or begining to the informal letter and a great conclusion .
If you have any suggestion to improve writing ?
I hope I'll get a quick response .

thank you for help me