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Thread: pan-Arabism

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    Smile pan-Arabism

    Hello everyone, I have 2 questions that I need to find out
    1) What does "pan-Arabism" mean? I couldn't look it up in my dictionary
    2) Why Osama bin Laden is against "pan-Arabism"?
    (This is not a political question cause I had an article about Osama bin Laden, and my teacher asked me this question ^.^). I think it's hard to find a true answer, that is why I want to ask all of you
    Thanks so much

    P/s: My grammar is not good , tell me if I had a mistake

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    Re: pan-Arabism

    It's a movement to return the Arab world to a state of political unity.

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    Re: pan-Arabism (racism)

    Arabism is racism!
    The wild racist virus on a vicious campaign of burning all non-Arab ethnicities down, main victims include: Kurds, Jews (not just in Israel), Berbers (the indigenous of N. Africa), Persians, Assyrians, Asians, Africans (not just in Sudan genocide), Nubians (indigenous in Egypt), Copts, etc.
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    Re: pan-Arabism

    This is in danger of becoming a hot topic. I am therefore closing the thread.


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