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    Topic: Is it better to be a man in Hong Kong today?

    In the past, women generally enjoyed lower status than men. In terms of occupation, women could only take up low-paid occupations like cleaning and catering as they did not get much opportunity to be educated. In terms of social status, women had little participation in local politics and even had no rights to vote. Gones are the days when women only stayed at home to care for family and had low status. Nowadays, women enjoy higher status financially, politically and socially than before. Therefore, in my opinion, both sexes are equal to a large extent so it is not better to bea man in Hong Kong.

    When compared to the past, more and more senior positions and professional occupations are taken up by women and no longer dominated by men. As 12-year free and compulsory education is enforced, both sexes enjoy the ssme right to education. According to the statistics from the government, the proportion of women having attended secondary education and above has surged from 62.9% in 1994 to 72.8% in 2007. It indicates that women nowadays possess higher education level. Hence, a woman with high education background can also become a CEO of listed company or a lawyer. It is completely different from the past when women were discouraged from going to school and could only take part in white-collar jobs.

    Meanwhile, women are earning more handsome salaries than ever before. The higher positions they are in, the more they receive. It is becoming increasingly common that between a working couple, the wife earns a higher salary than the husband. In some cases, the wifes are even the breadwinners while the husbands are in charge of family business. In other words, females nowadays are no longer required to stay at home and they are able to develop their careers.

    In terms of social status, contemporary women have rosen in status in recent years and almost on par with men. The government is not anymore solely dominated by males but is run by both sexes. For instance, females account for around half of the legislators of the Legislative Council. Also, there are more and more women as police officers. They help to safeguard law and order and deserve true respects.

    Another reason is that men tend to have a shorter life expectancy than women. Taking the statistics of 2009, the expected ages of men and women are 79.5 and 85.2 respectively.

    Some argue that males are still earning generally higher salaries and possess higher social status than females. In my opinion, they are right to some extent. However, the status of women has raised tremendously in recent years and it is likely that women will soon be on par with men. The advantages of being a man are also no longer here to stay. Therefore, I don't see why it is better to be a man in Hong Kong today because both sexes are equal to a large extent.


    Feel free to point out my mistakes and give me advice so that I can write better essays! Much appreciated!

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    Re: Please check my essay!

    anyone please?

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