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    Question Any suggestions there???

    . Improve the faulty diction in expressions commonly used in professional discourse:

    1. attached herewith

    2. attached please find

    3. hoping for your kind consideration, I remain
    Very truly yours

    4. I am writing to inform you that...

    5. This report is from two to three pages in range

    6. The company & its subsidiaries are the subjects of this report.

    7. Kindly refer to the abovementioned as reference for the succeeding.

    8. The list includes items, as follow:

    9. An agenda is attendance.

    10. For your information and guidance.
    ....i will wait for your responses!!!

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    Re: Any suggestions there???

    The notice at the top of this page reads "Please don't ask us to do or correct your homework; this is a place to discuss language."

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    Re: Any suggestions there???

    help me please....i really don't know what to do!!!

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