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    some words about stress

    I've collected some expressions about stress, although it seems to be old, but I'm happy if you save a little time to read and share with me. I hope I will learn more vocabulary from all of you.

    -stressed out
    -under pressure
    -blow off steam
    -has got to stop
    -take some time off
    -take up

    in these expressions, I like the "blow off steam" the most, because it gives us a vivid picture about our brain, it's like a train's chimney. How about you?

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    Re: some words about stress

    Hello! The phrase 'blow off steam' is not generally used. We say 'let off steam' which means to give vent to your feelings of stress or frustration. You can let off steam by shouting, slamming a door, throwing something across the room, etc. This is a stress reliever.

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    Re: some words about stress

    I think we sometimes say blow off steam. It might be an American term - I've heard it in films before: "he's just blowing off steam"! I guess it might be graded:

    Letting off steam (little British outburst)
    Blowing off steam (supersize American outburst)
    Blowing one's top (you've burst!)

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    Re: some words about stress

    Wound up

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    Re: some words about stress


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    Re: some words about stress


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