how are u everyone

i need anyone who can correct this essay ( if there are any mistakes- better sentences to add or any other suggestion.

the essay:

I received a full scholarship to pursue
my master's degree in TESOL. I am honoured to apply for the master program of TESOL at the University of ... because as long as I can remember I have had an enjoyable time in learning English language since I was a child. Learning English language is my favourite hoppy that has helped me to decide what I want to do in my life. With my father's encourage, I always spend my spare time in learning this language by reading many different kinds of English books. I always want to learn more and more in this field in order to expand my knowledge. Since that time I knew that I want to a teacher of English Language to teach and help people who are interested in learning this language.
I seek to pursue this field for my ambition to specialize in a highly professional and attractive field. My plans for my career have set this major at the top of my priorities. I believe that Teaching English as a Foreign / Second Language program at your university will prepare me for a successful and challenging career in the business field after graduation. I am sure your school is the place where my academic dream become true. TESOL professionals are badly in demand in Saudi Arabia. This area of study should make me one of these who contribute to teach and help many people who are interested in learning the English language.
Based on the criteria and condition of the TESOL program, I found myself eligible to apply. I am looking forward for an opportunity to be a postgraduate student at University of .... to have the chance to learn, share, and contribute well in which will benefit me more and gains those tools of success

thanks in advance